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Mussel survival following a Big Darby Creek pollutant spill


Wabash pigtoe    (c) 2002 DCA

Wabash pigtoe

Fusconaia flava

2002 DCA

Plain pocketbook    (c) 2002 DCA

Plain pocketbook  Lampsilis cardium   2002 DCA

Wavyrayed lampmussel    (c) 2002 DCAWavyrayed lampmussel

Lampsilis fasciola

2002 DCA

Fat mucket mussels (top) and plain pocketbook (bottom) (c) 2002 DCAFat muckets (Lampsilis radiata luteola) (top) and plain pocketbook (Lampsilis ventricosa 2002 DCA

Wavyrayed lampmussel and kidneyshell mussel    (c) 2002 DCA

Wavyrayed lampmussel  (Lampsilis fasciola) (left) and rainbow mussel (Villosa iris)

2002 DCA

Threeridge    (c) 2002 DCAThreeridge (Amblema plicata)

2002 DCA

Kidneyshell mussel  (c) 2002 DCAKidneyshell (Ptychobranchus fasciolaris)


2002 DCA

Ohio special interest species

Rainbow  (c) 2002 DCA

Rainbow (Villosa iris)  2002 DCA

White heelsplitter  (c) 2002 DCAWhite heelsplitter (Lasmigona complanata) 

  2002 DCA

Mussels  (c) 2002 DCAClockwise from top left - Pistolgrip, giant floater, Wabash pigtoe, spike, threeridge 2002 DCA

Creeper  (c) 2002 DCA

  Creeper  (Strophitus undulatus)

2002 DCA

Pistolgrip (left) and Giant floater  (c) 2002 DCAPistolgrip (Tritogonia verrucosa) (left) and Giant floater (Pyganodon grandis)    2002 DCA

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