Madison County 208 Plan





Central Sewer / Wastewater Treatment and Other Needs in Madison County

Notice is hereby given that the State of Ohio, in cooperation with the Madison County

Commissioners, will hold a public information meeting and is inviting public comments

regarding a plan for clean water entitled “Madison County, Ohio 208 Water Quality

Management Plan.” This draft plan prepared by Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott and May

Engineers, Inc. (FMSM) on behalf of the Madison County Commissioners identifies sewer

service areas and the management agencies responsible for centralized wastewater

treatment in Madison County. Other areawide waste management plan elements required

under Section 208 of the Clean Water Act (CWA) are also included in the draft plan.

Pursuant to Sections 208 and 303 of the CWA, the State of Ohio is responsible for

maintaining a State Water Quality Management Plan applicable to Madison County. The

State may use all or part of the document referenced above for this purpose. A separate

State Water Quality Management Plan adoption process, including public notification and

opportunity for comment, will occur at a future date following the submission of a final plan

by the Madison County Commissioners.

At this time public input is being sought before a final plan is prepared by FMSM, consulting

engineers, on behalf of the Commissioners. In order to afford all potentially affected parties

the opportunity to view the plan and ask questions, a public meeting will be held

Wednesday, April 6, 2005 at 6:30 PM at the Madison County Engineers Office, 825 US

Highway 42 NE. All interested persons are entitled to attend or be represented at the

meeting. Written comments may be submitted to FMSM Engineers (Attn: Jim Rozelle,

10018 International Blvd., Cincinnati OH 45246) by the close of business on April 29, 2005.

Instructions on obtaining copies of the plan are available on the Madison County Web

page: or by calling (740) 852-2972.


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