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Fish of the Big Darby Creek watershed        Page 2

Big Darby fish species list (Excel file)

The Big Darby Creek watershed, for its size, contains one of the most diverse
fish communities in Ohio and the Midwest, including 15 rare species.

Longnose gar  (c) 2002 DCALongnose gar  Lepisosteus osseus 

2001  M. Binkley

Greenside darter  (c) 2001 Jay DeLong

Greenside darter  Etheostoma blennoides  2001 Jay DeLong

Northern madtom  (c) 2001 M. BinkleyNorthern madtom  Noturus stigmosus  2002  M. Binkley

Longear sunfish  (c) 2005 DCA

Longear sunfish

Lepomis megalotis

2005 DCA

Spotted bass  (c) 2001 M. Binkley

Spotted bass  Micropterus punctulatus punctulatus 

2001 M. Binkley


Smallmouth bass  (c) 2001 M. Binkley

Smallmouth bass  Micropterus dolomieui dolomieui

2001  M. Binkley

young smallmouth bass  (c) 2005 DCA



2005 DCA


striped shiner (c) 2005 DCA

Striped shiner  Notropis chrysocephalus

2005 DCA

Spotfin shiner (c) 2005 DCASpotfin shiner  Notropis spilopterus

2005 DCA

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