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Fish of the Big Darby Creek watershed        Page 1

Big Darby fish species list (Excel file)

The Big Darby Creek watershed, for its size, contains one of the most diverse

fish communities in Ohio and the Midwest, including 15 rare species.

Spotted bass  (c) 2002 DCASpotted bass  MIcropterus punctulatus punctulatus

2002 DCA

Sauger  (c) 2002 DCA

Sauger  Stizostedion canadense

2002 DCA

Channel catfish  (c) 2002 DCAChannel catfish 

Ictalurus punctatus  

2002 DCA

Variegate darter  (c) 2002  DCAVariegate darter Etheostoma variatum 

2002 DCA

Rainbow darter  (c) 2002 DCA

Rainbow darter  Etheostoma caeruleum  2002 DCA

redhorse  (c) 2002 DCARiver redhorse Moxostoma carinatum     2002 DCA

Silverjaw minnow  (c) 2002 Jay DeLongSilverjaw minnow  Ericymba buccuta 

2002 Jay DeLong

Creek chub  (c) 2002 Jay DeLong

Creek chub  Semotilus atromaculatus atromaculatus  2002 Jay DeLong

Blackstripe topminnow  (c) 2002 Jay DeLongBlackstripe topminnow  Fundulus notatus 

2002 Jay DeLong

White sucker  (c) 2002 Jay DeLongWhite sucker  Catostomus commersoni commersoni     2002 Jay DeLong

Northern hogsucker  (c) 2002 DCA

Northern hogsucker  Hypentelium nigricans   2002 DCA

Channel catfish  (c) 2002 DCAChannel catfish Ictalurus punctatus        2002 DCA

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