Darby Creek Watershed Inventory Available


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Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 11:31 AM
To: Ohio Water Sheds
Subject: Darby Creek Watershed Inventory - Now Available

The Darby Creek Watershed Inventory is now available at
About half-way down the page you will see a heading for "Darby Creek"
Beneath this heading there is a plentiful bounty of data!  There is approximately 90 pages of text and figures, 22 maps, and another 90-100 pages of appendices. 
I attempted to divide the data up by county so interested stakeholders can download appropriate data. 
If you have any problems downloading or accessing the data, please email me back or call.
The Darby Creek Watershed Joint Board of Supervisors has approved this document but expects there to be updates and revisions as necessary.  If there are errors or omissions, please let me know so the document may be updated and represent the most accurate data available. 
Thanks for all of your time and effort that was placed into the creation of this document.  The Joint Board and I are excited to continue moving forward with the watershed planning process.  Thanks for your continued support.
Benjamin Webb
Darby Creek Watershed Coordinator
Union County SWCD
18000 SR 4, Suite B
Marysville, Ohio 43040
937-642-5871 x109


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