A fund dedicated to restoring a forested buffer to Big Darby Creek and its tributaries.

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Big Darby Creek is nationally recognized as one of the last healthy streams in the Midwest. It is one of the few places where man and nature have managed to coexist in relative harmony, to the benefit of both. Today this "ribbon of green" flows through a mostly rural setting, providing residents with welcome beauty, open space and wildlife. It also:

l Consists of 245 miles of free flowing streams that stretches through 7 counties in central Ohio

l Has received National and State Scenic River designations

l Provides habitat for an abundance of wildlife, including 36 species of rare and endangered fish and mussels

Despite Darbyís reputation, the natural and scenic state of the watershed is under continual threat from erosion, development, deforestation and pollution.


A healthy river corridor has a lush and diverse plant life along its banks. Ecologists have shown that a thick buffer of diverse vegetation is an integral part of a healthy ecosystem. Trees provide the river with shade upon which many species depend, while their roots extract pollutants from the soil before they reach the river and help stabilize banks by preventing soil erosion.

A damaged river corridor has depleted plant life. Exposed banks leave the shore vulnerable to erosion and may allow fertilizer and other pollutants to be washed into the river. The lack of a tree canopy exposes water to the sun, which may raise temperatures and hurt the fragile habitat of the riverís fish and wildlife.

Today many parts of the Darby watershed have only two or three feet separating the river from developed land or roads! In places, human impact left little more than a row of trees or patches of grass to stabilize and protect the river.

It is imperative to the future of Darbyís special ecosystem that these damaged areas of the corridor be restored to a healthier state.



In the residential area pictured above, nothing protects this tributary from erosion and sun exposure.

In this photo exposure to sun has caused an accumulation of algae along the shore. When this algae dies bacteria will consume great amounts of oxygen in the water, leaving little left for the streamís aquatic life.



In response to this corridor deterioration, the Darby Creek Association has created the Corridor Restoration Fund. Many landowners would like to improve the riparian area of their riverfront property, but lack the funding and experience to do so. By raising money for restoration projects, the Corridor Restoration Fund seeks to improve the riparian corridors of the Darby Creeks and increase collaboration between landowners and existing groups doing similar work in the watershed. Funding will be used for tree and grass plantings, conservation easements, wetland protection, bank stabilizations, and other projects.


DONATION. The Corridor Restoration Fund depends on the generosity of caring individuals and organizations. If you would like to donate to the Corridor Restoration Fund, please complete the attached form and return it to the Darby Creek Association, along with your tax deductible contribution. Your donation will go directly towards restoring the Darby Creek corridor.

PARTICIPATION. If you are a private landowner interested in applying for a grant from the Corridor Restoration Fund, or if you or your organization are interested in participating in a restoration project, please complete and return the attached form, or contact us by phone or email!

By contributing to the Corridor Restoration Fund through donation or participation, you are helping to protect and restore the Darby Creek river corridor, ensuring that this ecological treasure can be enjoyed for generations to come!

THE DARBY CREEK ASSOCIATION is a volunteer-based non-profit organization that has worked since 1972 to keep the Darby Creeks and their tributaries in their natural free flowing state.


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