Wastewater permits in the Big Darby Creek Watershed - Online


Discharges of sewage and industrial waste present a major threat to the health of the streams in the Big Darby watershed.  Each discharge needs a permit, required by the Clean Water Act.  Ohio EPA has posted information on the industrial and municipal wastewater dischargers in the Big Darby Creek and other watersheds.  These are found at:


An overview of the Ohio EPA permit process is found at:

"To protect Ohio's water resources, Ohio EPA issues National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits. These permits authorize the discharge of substances at levels that meet water quality standards and establish other conditions related to issues such as combined sewer overflows, pretreatment and sludge disposal. This is an overview of the process for issuing individual NPDES permits. The series of steps for a particular permit may vary somewhat depending on the size, nature, and complexity of the discharge."

Some of the permits are posted online at   Major facilities with permits are at  Minor facilities with permits are at  As they are available, we will post other permits here.


In the 2006 "Total Maximum Daily Loads for the Big Darby Creek Watershed," Ohio EPA states:

"5.1.2 Point Source Discharge Control
Point sources of pollutants are issued individual NPDES permits for the discharge of pollutants to the Big Darby Creek watershed. Chapter 4 establishes appropriate effluent limitations for point source discharges to the watershed. During State Fiscal Year 2006, all NPDES permits in the Big Darby Creek watershed will be reviewed for compliance with the effluent limitations in Chapter 4. Where the limits are not sufficiently restrictive, the permit will be reissued or modified to include the new effluent limitations, and an appropriate schedule established to bring those point sources in compliance with the new limits." (emphasis added)


Wastewater permits in the Big Darby Creek Watershed  - Online


Link to permit copy




Pickaway Correctional Institute 4PP00003 Pickaway


Ranco North America, Inc. 4IC00008 Union
Suburban Mobile Home Park 4PR00031 Madison




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