Refuge Support Widens

Groups Representing Almost 50,000 Ohioans Announce Support for Darby Prairie Wildlife Refuge

June 21, 1999 --

The following groups have formally expressed support for the Darby Prairie Wildlife Refuge proposed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service for the Little Darby Creek watershed.

Darby Creek Association, Central Ohio Sierra Club, Pheasants Forever, The Ohio Smallmouth Alliance, National Audubon Society/Ohio, Ohio Environmental Council, Citizen Speak Out, Buckeye Forest Council, Central Ohio Green Education Fund, Kokosing Scenic River Association, Loveland Greenbelt Community Council, Olentangy River Valley Association, Sandusky Scenic River Advisory Council, Sugar Creek Protection Society, Friends of Blacklick Creek, Friends of the Lower Olentangy, Ducks Unlimited - Ohio Chapter, Citizens Protecting Ohio.

Most of these groups announced their support as part of a Darby Creek Association program to maximize public support for the Darby Prairie Wildlife Refuge. Steve Borror, DCA President, worked with DCA Trustee Terry Stewart to contact these groups and get their boards to approve support of the Refuge. Many of these groups are now forming an alliance to generate additional support.

Paul Dumouchelle, DCA Secretary, said, "This widespread support for the Refuge from citizens across the state highlights how important all Ohioans feel it is to protect and restore our few natural treasures - such as Little Darby Creek. Hunters and conservationists know Ohio is not getting its fair share of Federal wildlife dollars and the Darby Prairie Wildlife Refuge would be a small step toward Ohio getting more. Central Ohioans are especially excited about the prospects for added education, hunting and recreation resources being developed so close to home."