Darby Creek Advocate Volume 11, Issue 1  January 2003

Organizational Notes

The trustees of the Darby Creek Association meet monthly on the first Wednesday of every month. Meetings are at 6:30 at the Westland Library at 4740 W. Broad St., and are open to any member, guests, or interested parties. For information on meeting times please call John Tetzloff at 276-4550, or see the DCA website (darbycreeks.org) for dates, times, and locations.

Watters to speak at at Annual Meeting

DCA will hold its annual meeting on March 12, at 6:30, at the Cedar Ridge Lodge, Battelle-Darby
Metro Park. All members and interested parties are encourages to attend. A main dish and drinks will be provided. Please bring a side dish or dessert.

Speaking at the event will be Dr. G. Thomas Watters, one of the leaders in the study of the world’s freshwater mussels. Dr. Watters will talk about some of Darby’s lesser known but most interesting creatures. He will also discuss a newly opened artificial propagation facility at the Columbus Zoo. The facility will reproduce perilously endangered mussel species for reintroduction into regional streams, including Darby.

Trustees will also be elected. If you have an interest in serving, or would like to nominate someone else, contact Terry Stewart at 851-9078.

Current trustees:

Terry Stewart—President
John Tetzloff—Vice President, editor
Paul Dumouchelle—Secretary
Trudy Stewart—Treasurer
Dorothy McGrath
Dan Osterfeld

Corridor Fund Update

DCA’s Corridor Restoration Fund is gearing up for an active spring. Last issue, we announced an
agreement with Franklin Soil and Water to partner on projects in the Hellbranch watershed. FSW has grant money to target the watershed for riparian restoration. DCA has pledged to pick up the landowner’s cost on projects that meet certain criteria. Interested landowners should contact Hector Santiago with FSW (801-9450).

Santiago has identified a number of prospective projects. It is expected that several tree plantings will be undertaken in late March and Early April. We will need volunteers to help plant trees. If you are interested, contact John Tetzloff (276-4550). To make a donation, see the back sheet of this newsletter.
(Look for a major funding announcement in the next issue!)